Canary (Domestic)

domestic canary birds picture
Yellow Canary

Some Spanish sailors brought Canaries with them in 17th century and then bred them largely producing many diverse varities of canaries. The royals of Spain and England started breeding Canaries and so it became an expensive fashion that time. The male canary has a singing quality and that is why, later on, people made this a profession to breeding and selling the male canary in higher price. Initially, it was very expensive fashion to have a canary but gradually people started breeding canaries frequently introducing many other breeds of canaries.Domestic Canary (Serinus Canaria), generally called 'Canary', is actually domesticated type of wild Canary. Canary, a small songbird, yellow in colour, belong to finches family and hence very small in size. The origins of Canary are Macaronesian Islands - Group of Islands at the coasts of Europe and Africa - including Canary Islands, Madeira and The Azores.

It is usually found in yellow colour however, the colour varies within yellow itself say dark, light, lemon and so on. It is very famous in pet birds as people like its melodious singing, presenting in exhibitions and enjoying its beauty.

Canaries can be categorized into following three groups as by their types, colours and singing:
  • Type Canary
  • Coloured Canary
  • Song Canary
Type Canaries:
Type Canaries are those which have some specific shape of physique distinguishing it with standard canary bird. Type canaries have nothing to do with colour and singing. Type canaries exist in very unique sizes and shapes, sometimes very unusual if compared to other types of canaries. Some famous type canaries are Norwich Canaries, Lizard Canaries and Gloster Canaries.

Coloured Canaries:
People breed these canaries to have them in several colours. Mostly these are the shades of its original colour i.e. yellow but there are many other colours that canaries are being bred for. Birdkeepers have been doing experiments and have come to achieve it in many different colours like orange, green, red, white and even more.

Song Canaries:
These are Song Canaries, the specific singing characteristic of canaries. Singing is the feature of this canary that makes it different with other two types of canaries and birdkeepers do breed this canary for their singing. Common song canaries are Waterslager canary, Russian Singer and German Roller Canary.

Canary Facts: 



Seed Mixture
Raw Spinach
Green Pepper
Fresh Corn

10 to 12 cm

Female: 5 to 6 years
Male: Up to 10 years

Photo credit: Arno & Louise Wildlife / / CC BY-NC

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