Doves belong from the family of Columbidae and they consist of around 300 different species. Well known and recognized doves are found in white color and they are actually commonly found in variety of colors. While, there are different species found in the world which are beautiful and innocent birds which are in various sizes. Most of these doves descend around in length 8 to 12 inches starting from their beaks to their tails.
White Dove Picture
White Dove

Dove is said to be a sort of peaceful bird which belongs to the family of pigeon called Columbidae. Both the names are commonly used as dove and pigeon and they are often used as the same name all over the world. Still, there is a great difference found in both of the categories of this bird. Doves are commonly found smaller in body and they got a long tails. Normally, domestic pigeons are frequently known as rock dove and these are well known as the dove of peace.
Their dwelling places are different but most of these birds are found in Indonesia and Australia. The immature pigeons are known as squabs and there are about more than 300 species found of doves across the world. They build their nests which are generally small and are made of average sticks and hay. These nests are made by their finest abilities and skills and generally they commonly throw a hay sticks and start building up their houses. These birds normally feed on different types of seeds and fruits which they like to eat with pleasure. You can even find Ringneck doves which are as similar to the white doves and their different other species that are found from place to place across the world. Rather than there are fruit doves which are common in Australia while the mourning doves are also there which are widely known as wild bird and commonly found in North America.
This peaceful bird has a thick body and got a very short neck along with the short and narrow bills. They are very peaceful and innocent birds and there was a time when people used these birds for sending messages or letters as messenger. These birds have been known as pet and people have kept them and trained them by providing certain training. People are normally found buying and selling these birds. People like to have these peaceful birds as their pets and you can buy good species of these birds from any birds shop near your house. Even you wish to sell your doves which are well trained and you can get trained birds as well according to your requirements.