Peacock also known as Blue Peafowl is a large sized, having bright colored body, belong to the pheasant bird family. Basically, it was inhabited in Southern Asia but later its species were bred worldwide and now it exists in all continents of the world.

Male peacocks are usually in blue color having a distinctive kind of crest which looks like a fan. Peacocks’ feathers are also unique and beautiful feature of its body which adds matchless value to its beauty. Long wire-like feathers, containing colorful eyespots stun the viewers when opened and spread. Female peacocks do not have the train. They own a greenish type of lower neck with a brown colored plumage.

It has a blaring, shrill roaring and sobbing sound that people like to hear again and again as it is not only very uncommon to be heard but also a superb and melodious bird call.

White Peacock with Open Feathers

Peacock Food:
Peacocks' general food includes:
-           Berries
-           Grains
-           Mixed Grain
-           Rodents

Besides, all the above, it also likes to have snakes, lizards and gnawing mammals.

Everyone since his childhood is well aware of peacocks as our parents take us to the zoo and peacocks are focus of eyes in the birds section. Its incredible beauty and attraction makes everyone fall in love with it regardless of how old we are. It can easily maintain the surrounding and can dwell in all kinds of climates without any problem. It is a type of jewel toned hen with beautiful feathers and long tail of lovely colorful themes.

There are many myths and stories prevalent about peacocks for love and romance; it is also believed to have rudimentary desires. Peacocks are loneliness-friendly and that is why they are not contacted with people very easily.

It demands attention and the people like to keep peacock as pet must be careful for that. If you can afford buying a peacock, keep it but with proper care, attention and love, for the sake of its happier and healthier life. It is also suggested that you must have a bit of huge area for its dwelling place as it is fond of walking and sometimes flying.  You can place this bird about an acre of place surrounded by fence where it can survive easily. The peacocks is a bird which likes to roam and run and that’s the reason it is usually seen on open forests, ground and areas that are under cultivation. Because they like natural environment it is recommended to provide it forest-like environment having greenery, grass and some trees.

Peacock as pet ideal to have and keeping, playing and enjoying with it is really a worth. Think it has no brain as it can easily obey your commands. If the area where you are keeping this bird is sufficient enough for the bird to keep it then you can easily accommodate such two or three such large and long tailed birds. They do not even need to be trained properly and can adjust at any suitable place themselves.

It usually remains nervous as it runs away hearing a loud sound or feeling a shock nearby. Peacocks naturally are not very friendly birds; however they can be easily tamed being friendly to them.

Some domestic peacocks normally believe the people are very friendly to them and thus permit themselves to be friendly with them as well. So, you can be friendly enough with this bird to make your friend and keep them good as your pet.

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